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time is a rubber band...

time is a rubber band… is a multimedia installation of projected environments, immersive sound, and interactive sculpture. Based on ethereal visions and transcendental experience, the installation challenges us to expand our notions of what it means to be human. I invite viewers to participate in a sensorial journey, moving physically through a dream-like space that is grounded in familiar landscapes. Sounds call participants from one room into the next and synced projections on opposing walls engage a 360° field of view. Sculptural furniture and perspectives in the videos place the viewer above, below, from a distance, and within the projected visuals. Haptic components direct somatic attention by means of vibrations, allowing the participant to move seamlessly through an expanding portal of digital reality while maintaining body awareness. It is my goal in this space to create the possibility for embodied change.

Explore the worlds of time is a rubber band... in the virtual art platform New Art City, where you can fly through 3D models and portal from one space into the next.

What is possible here is to hold the entirety of existence in a single seed between your thumb and forefinger. To look out on a vast expanse of space and discover all at once the utter nothingness and terrible importance of everything: all that you know, don’t know, and are unaware of. An impenetrable darkness, a grid of light, a sense of belonging, humility, a curved line, warmth, weightlessness. 

The obsolescence of language: the shape of your mouth as it forms a word is the shape of your body held by the space around it. You were never born. You have always existed. The translucent barrier between past and future is your reflection in a body of water as you enter it. A sea change. Timelines collapse. 

"03/03/2023 Claire @SAIC " Jose J. Figueroa, drawing of installation of time is a rubber band... 

panorama photo of time is a rubber band... at SAIC Galleries 3/03/23 , Michael Casey Landini 

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